Saturday, February 19, 2011


Will I ever get addicted to the cardio dance class at the YMCA? I don't think so, but it did feel good to exercise at 8am on a Saturday. Good Lord I have lost all rhythm. I felt like a giant robot malfunctioning in different directions. Maybe I need to take a yoga class so I can figure out where my pelvis is in relation to the rest of my body again:

Okay, this is serious addiction. Thanks a bunch Peter for telling Andrew about the Word Feud app for Gphones. I can't stop playing (ooh, Peter just started a game with me). I asked Andrew if we could drop the kids off at an orphanage so I could play this game all day. My outlook on life is so much better now that I can play scrabble games with anyone and everyone whenever I want. Rock on!

This chick has a blog where she is way more addicted to Word Feud than I am:

Chocolate donuts with coconut. An addiction that will never go away:

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