Thursday, February 10, 2011


I told Andrew we need to add flair to the minivan. His response, "Why do we need to draw any attention to the van?" How else am I going to find my car amongst the sea of minivans at Costco? So any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated (minus family member decals).

P.S. Why you shouldn't buy a used car in the dark (note the license plate). At least it has brew in it. There are so many breweries who brew devil's brew so that one won't work. Maybe deep six brew? Ok, back to minivan flair...:

This decal?

Time honored mud flaps?

Can't go wrong with this one, right?

I am in Palo Alto and I wouldn't want some mom to call the cops because I offended her gifted child. I guess I should keep the flair "G" rated.

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Skyla said...

You are so funny, thanks for making me laugh. Maybe you should make a bumper sticker it could say "I am the mom NOT the nanny" or something .....