Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Having love is wonderful:

Sharing love is magical:

What a fun day! A bit of rain made for a lazy and laid back Valentine's Day. We took the pressure off of the day and agreed to include the whole family. First, it started with Andrew stranded in a parking lot calling AAA. Then, there were brownies. Last but not least, there was a faux Bachelorette ceremony. Andrew walked away with the chocolate rose at the end. The best part of the evening was when Andrew had to walk over to the dealership to deal with the Prius (after Blake went down to sleep). I quickly got out my Valentine's card and put Reade on the ground so I could sign it, feed Reade, and then put him to bed. Reade freaked out so much that I had put him down, he somehow scooted himself backwards under the coffee table. He was stuck for the two minutes it took me to sign Andrew's card. I kept saying, "Hold on Reade, I am almost done." When I went to retrieve him, he was folded in half trying to get out the back of the coffee table wet with tears. That's romance.

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