Tuesday, February 15, 2011


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I joined the Palo Alto YMCA today. The San Jose YMCA saw me through my prenatal aqua aerobics class (I still hang out with two of the moms) so I wanted to see what Palo Alto had to offer. I wasn't planning on signing up on the spot, but once I saw the facility, I knew I had to join. The child care is a huge room, envision a preschool environment, without a television (I always felt bad leaving Blake in the small child care at 24 hour fitness because he was exposed to Dora the Explorer at deafening levels). It even has an outdoor play structure perfect for my sons' wiggles. What had me at hello was the Little Sportsters class. Here is the description, "Little Sportsters is a drop-in class that teaches young children how to have fun and socialize while learning the fundamentals and rules of basketball, soccer, field games, and t-ball." Blake will love spending an hour a week with coach Larry. I myself will start with the belly dancing class because what else am I going to do with all this stomach flab? I might as well roll it like I love it.

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