Monday, June 1, 2009

We Made It Over the Pond

We made it to Maui and life is great. The hotel is wonderful and the ocean is even better. We spend our days: eating, walking the grounds, bobbing up and down in the pleasantly calm ocean, hopping in and out of the many pools and spas around, waving at Blake's new friends (anyone walking by the little guy), and relaxing in our room. We went into town for some light shopping and ate at a great restaurant.

Blake has already adjusted to Hawaii time and wakes once at night like at home. He is up by 6am, just in time for the continental breakfast. I love how we run into other couples with small children at the crack of dawn. It is fun to ask them why they didn't sleep in.

Off to schedule our excursions.

Check out our photos in this gallery:

Andrew going down one of the twisty slides:

We tried to upload a few more videos, but the internet cut us off. More to come soon.

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