Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Date Night Plus More

Yay for island babysitters. Last night we left Blake in the hotel room with a wonderful nanny (who hails from Santa Cruz) so we could enjoy some baby-free time. We walked to a neighboring hotel and ate at their great restaurant in the middle of a lagoon, in front of the ocean.

Here I am with some tikis:

I love macaroons:

If I ever get to re-tile anything this will be the pattern:

There is a mini chapel in the middle of another koi pond at the other hotel. I am holding a plumeria flower as a bouquet so Andrew and I could "renew" our vows. Too bad we didn't have any witnesses. There were a few cockroaches though:

Back at our hotel we took an evening dip in the "adults only" serenity pool. The view of the ocean is great, but unfortunately you can't see it because it was dark:

Andrew hanging out under one of the fun pagoda areas in the pool:

Kind of hard to see, but other pagodas:

Blake showing how he feels about the hotel room. It is definitely hump day for the little guy. He doesn't like being confined in the hotel room. It is hard to find places that are 100% safe for him to play in on the hotel grounds. There are just too many "no no" things like fountains and koi ponds that we are constantly redirecting him from. We try to let him run around free a couple times a day, but he seems to be adopting new families and constantly tries to climb up on chairs next to them or hang out right next to their legs. He kept touching other people at the aquarium so now we have to tell him to give people their own space. It is fun to watch him melt people as they walk by. He is always hitting his baby brakes and whipping around to suddenly wave like a crazy man at chosen targets.

When Blake wakes up from his nap we are headed to Ka'anapali for some exploration. Andrew gets to chose from snorkeling or surfing while Blake and I check out some shopping. It gets so tiring for me to hang out on the beach with Blake. He constantly runs directly into the ocean without any fear. Even when some water bowls him over he still gets up for more. I figure we will meet back up with Andrew so he can help me with the little fish (I do blame his genes for this behavior). The main reason I want to go here is because they have a Black Rock (Pu'u Keka'a) which Hawaiians believe was the jumping off point for their spirits or souls leaving this world. Each island is said to have such a point. "When Hawaiians died, it was here that their souls would leave this life and join their ancestors forever. If there were no family spirits to receive them, they would wander around the area, attaching themselves to rocks and generally causing mischief. That's why it's considered unwise to take any rocks from this area. You may bring back a spirit itching to get back home." - cited from Maui Revealed by Andrew Doughty.

This may just be the place someone will have to scatter my ashes at when I die. I wonder if they allow non-local, shahkbait (sharkbait, meaning pale untanned people) to be scattered here?

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