Friday, June 5, 2009

Last Full Day in Maui

It is our last full day in Maui. I went to bed last night thinking of all the things I could do to stay on this island. The only thing I thought of was handcuffing myself to the railing, but eventually they would cut me free. How am I going to live without my warm ocean swims?

We got in the car yesterday and drove on the road towards Hana (hah-na). It is the lush side of the island (northeast side) where rain falls predictably. We followed our guidebook and stopped on the side of the road to view some waterfalls. The one we saw was small, but we did see some bigger ones from the road.

Right now we are full from breakfast and want to take a nap. Blake woke us up at 5:50am so maybe we will try for an early nap so we can hit the beach and rent a paddleboard. Pictures will follow I am sure.

Here is the link to the gallery where some waterfall pictures are:

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