Sunday, June 7, 2009

Last Maui Photos

Some last photos of Maui.

Andrew and Blake hanging out while I shopped at the local shopping center:

Blake kept "oohing" at these shoes. I like the fact that they are on sale:

The red, HHR we drove around in:

Hang loose man:

I loved walking by all the plumeria trees and picking up blooms off the ground to stick in my hair:

For our last family date night we walked through that shopping center and then walked around the hotel property right after the sun went down:

I will miss the tropical breeze terribly:

Here is Blake riding on the airport shuttle towards long term parking:


Suz and Mark said...

Awh what a big boy! I remember that shopping plaza - we went there on our honeymoon trip. Looks like you had a blast! We are taking Molly to Boston next April - so I'll be hitting you up for plane distraction techniques soon!

Shannon said...

Molly will be way easier to entertain. She is still young enough to enjoy the simplicity of toys dangled in her face!