Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Behind on Blogging

Two weekends ago, we drove to Andrew's parent's house in Oakhurst to hang out with the family. Andrew's grandfather was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer so we all rallied around him to cheer his body and soul on with hopes that he will overcome this battle. Of course there was delicious food and tons of laughter. Andrew's family has taught me so much about large family dynamics. It is so nice to show up at their house, leaving my own personal baggage behind, to enjoy seeing everyone and hearing what fun adventures they are up to.

Here is the clan:
(Back row)-Aunt Karen, cousin Erin, Aunt Shirley, Aunt Gloria w/ Boris, Jessica, Sandy, Me, Angie (Allen's girlfriend), and Ellen
(Front row)-Paul, Nick, cousin Cliff, Uncle Glen, Andrew + Blake, David, Grandpa Walter, cousin Garrett, cousin Allen, and Uncle Michael (Gloria's husband)

Cousins having a great time together. Mia set up her princess tent and boy did Blake think that was all for him:

Mia showing Blake the ropes on how to have fun with cousins:


Family on the long, long couch:

Erin and Angie are such great helpers in the kitchen:

Blake feeding Andrew peas from the garden:

Cliff and Erin are expecting their first baby (due December 13th) so they wanted to take a "pea in the pod" picture:

Shirley getting in some motherly/grandmotherly support:

Sandy just can't help but weed whenever she gets near the garden:

Tons of swimming went down:

Blake loved not having to worry about neighbors seeing him skinny dip:

There were tons of videos I wanted to share, but they aren't uploading properly. I will add them at a later date. Ellen, Walter, Shirley, Glen, and Karen are all heading up to Alaska on a cruise ship so they can visit Megan. Megan is working in Alaska giving bike tours this summer. They leave next Monday and I can't wait to hear about their wonderful travels.

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