Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Still Relaxing

Our home base has been established and routines are in place so we decided to hop in our bright, red HHR (every other tourist is riding around in one) to check out some local towns. First, we visited Lahaina and walked around the little shops. I had been searching for cocograms (coconuts you can mail back home) and found a tiny mail stop where they were selling them. The man behind the counter explained to us that since 9/11 the government now requires each coconut to be inspected by Hawaii's Agricultural Department before mailing. So if we wanted to purchase one he would have to shut down the shop and charge us $15/hr. to go get the certification. Here is the breakdown for mailing a coconut:

Price of the coconut: $4-$10
Labor to get the certification: $15
Mailing the coconut: $10-$20
= $45.00 at the most

We forewent the coconuts, but just know we are sending many coconut thoughts to all of you.

Yesterday, we drove northwest to Lahaina. The tourbook said it was worth spending an afternoon there. We shopped a little and ate our first shave ices. I got pina coloda and Andrew got some concoction with ice cream at the bottom (ew, gross). Blake didn't really like the shave ice. Downtown has a great banyan tree that has put down roots in many places. Totally weird, but fun to look at. You can check our picasa gallery for more pics:


Andrew and Blake before eating Mexican food:

Blake at the Maui Aquarium:

My favorite fish (besides the seahorses):

P.S. Our internet connection is horrible, although they charge us an arm and a leg, so we can't upload some of the best videos because they are too big. I will be taking shorter videos so we can post them.

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