Monday, August 18, 2014

Whistler Summer RV Trip

We just got back from a great, extended weekend vacation to Whistler.  Friends are staying in condos for the week so we booked an RV site for the weekend and explored the Village at Whistler.

Me giving Andrew a break in the driver's seat during our wait through the Canadian border:

My kids being crazy at our halfway dinner break:

Everyone piling out after 9 hours of driving:

Mini golf at the RV resort.  We never did have time to play the cute course:

We did explore some of the paths:

The silt causes the water to have this light green color:

Saturday morning bike rides:

Blake rode his bike around with new camp friends every chance he got.  I was taking a video of Piper's first tricycle riding and then Blake had to show off.  You will all see how that ended.  The guy at the end of the video was trying to pack up his stuff to leave and was a bit cranky:

The kids loving the RV resort playground:

We got to catch the last few days of Crankworx.  Epic mountain bikers congregate for 10 days for a huge, West Coast mountain biking affair to remember.  These people are hard core and I found out how dangerous extreme mountain biking can be through people's stories:

Past Olympics photo ops:

Meeting up with friends:

The RV park had a shuttle that dropped you off and picked you up from the Village.  Our walk back to the shuttle after a long day of watching mountain bikers and chilling with friends:

There is that silty, green water again:

Back in the RV for the ride home:

I made Andrew stop at a Redbox so I could grab some DVDs because I couldn't stand entertaining them past the four hour mark:

I love Canada.

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