Sunday, August 24, 2014

Push Play

Here begins our adventure with Kapka School...

I happened across Kapka's website after a month of searching for private schools in our area.  I knew it was the school for us the second I set eyes on their website.  I wasn't too excited about the fact it is a cooperative preschool, but I am willing to put in the parent time to make this work for my kids.  Kapka was a K-2nd grade for 20 years and just last year they decided to grow it into a full elementary school.  That means we will be the second wave of pioneers.  The school is small (around 40 kids total!) and here are the reasons I think this school fits with our family:
* Creativity is created, honored, and supported to the max at Kapka.
* The kids have to wear safety goggles a lot at this school.  I loved that kids wield hammers, saws, soldering irons, and other creative tools.
* Music is huge at this school and the kids cut CDs and sing all the time.
* The teachers have time to really get to know the children personally so they can teach a lesson in different ways to cater to different learning styles.
* They have ski days on Fridays during the winter.
* The curriculum changes with the children's desires, but retains the same goals for learning fundamentals.

I have never experienced community like this before.  A weekend camping trip is a fabulous way to get to know one another and the jokes and campfire singing (after the kids went to bed) will always be dear to my heart.  These are a solid bunch of admirable adults.  I look forward to working closely with other parents and treating each of the kids as if they were my own.  Besides investing in this school financially and time wise, I feel we are investing deeply in the future of knowledge and experience for our three kids.  

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