Friday, August 8, 2014

Swim Lesson Week 1 - Done

A week worth of swim lessons are complete.  I am looking forward to a break from wet swimsuits, busy locker rooms, and "where are my goggles" comments.  We will be at it again next week to try and get Blake swimming independently.

Piper finally stopped wearing her swimsuits to practice (it took her a few days to realize she doesn't get to go swimming like her brothers).  Goggles are enough to keep her happy:

Reade never showcased his shy side.  He happily gabbed with other friends throughout practices:

Blake enjoyed using "those old people's pool floaties":

I feel like I burned calories watching all that swimming so it was time for a Friday treat:

Not a good idea.  That bread pudding was so scrumptious, but a bit too much for 10am:

All the kids wanted in on the picture fun:

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