Friday, September 16, 2011


Blake has always been fascinated with Andrew's laptop privacy screen. He carries it around with him and today he folded it in half and told me it was his laptop. He kissed me goodbye and said he was going to work like daddy. I thought it was so cute and told him I could add some flare to it. Here is his QWERTY keyboard laptop:

His new desk:

He worked hard all day on that laptop. I love that I had extra Apple stickers. I thought I would never use them:

Blake's face is a mess because he fell off of a cheap Ikea table. I put the table outside so he and Reade can eat snack without messing the house up. Maybe I should be that helicopter mom that makes Ikea put warnings on their tipsy kid stuff. I can see it now: Warning! Don't be a bad mom like Shannon Hurst and let two of your most precious children stand on top of this $7 item because it will fall over. Just for the record, everyone knows this thing will fall over so maybe you should just watch your kids instead of suing us.

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