Sunday, September 25, 2011


Man did I do a bad job of capturing the wedding on film. I thought everything was in focus, but once I downloaded the pictures I realized I forgot to turn on the flash so everything with any movement at all is blurry. Here are some pictures worth talking about.

Here is Reade's naughty look before he crawled out of the chair trap I made to try and contain him during the ceremony:

The delicious wedding cake. We had a brunch over at the groom's house this morning and the groom's mom, I love you Karen, sent home a huge plate full of left over wedding cake. I will be working hard at spin class because of that:

Allen and Angie's first dance:

What an event. I love how Andrew's family can come together and really make a party wild. I will upload the videos tomorrow so everyone can share in the fun times.

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