Saturday, September 17, 2011

7 Days Away

Who's in with me? An antique shop owner told me I have to go to the Alameda Point Antiques Fair if I am interested in mid-century happenings. It is held on the first Sunday of the month so I am counting down the days until October 2nd! Who wants to meet me there for some wheeling and dealing?


Probably can't afford these, but I like them:

I will definitely be donating to this cause:

Info here.


laz said...

It's a lot of fun. The lot is very very large, so bring comfy shoes and be prepared to be tired by the end. If you bring the kids, a little red wagon helped us with Enzo once. Another time, we bought him an old Tonka truck and he pushed it what had to have been a couple of miles.

Unknown said...

What the heck! That looks awesome!!!! Keep me posted if you go!

Hurstmom's Blog said...

I'm there!! Meet ya by the donut house.