Sunday, December 5, 2010


I am going to start this post with some baby bath photos (sick of 'em yet?). Here is Reade bathing in both grandparent's sinks for vacation (all of us are finally home under the same roof).

Grammie's sink:

Grandma El's sink:

Here is a story about a mom with two children. One time, her toddler slept in the bed with her because her husband was away. She put a new diaper on the boy because he woke up at 6am and she hoped he would fall back asleep. Fifteen minutes later, the baby woke and all three of them headed downstairs. The toddler took off his diaper and left it on the floor. When the tired mom sat down to change the baby's diaper, she noticed the other diaper on the floor. She took into account the five minute rule and wrapped her baby in the giant toddler's diaper. So much for clean kids. Savage mother.

I promised finished project pictures, but I hardly took any. Here is Jessica working on the dress she made because she is a caroler at the Dicken's Fair in SF. Everyone should go see her.

Working her fingers to the bone:

David got a job in Santa Clara and will now be our neighbors (in Mountain View). We are excited and can't wait to have them nearby. They will keep their Oakhurst home so they can have their farm retreat to relax in on the weekends.

Reade sitting on things to move:

They packed the truck and are now unpacked in Mountain View:

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Caroline said...

I will never get sick of baby pictures!!