Thursday, December 23, 2010


My tree is now topped. I climbed up and gently removed the bird's nest that has provided us with entertainment for two years now. A small egg dropped out of the nest when I was eking it ever so carefully. It wasn't a fertilized egg so I didn't feel so bad. There were two nests, one on top of the other, and I hesitated to separate the two for fear of finding something icky. Again, I was relieved to find nothing that was once alive. So down it came to be hair sprayed for preservation (thanks Ellen for the tip):

Here is the bottom of the nest getting swept up with some nearby leaves. I figured the nest could go into the green waste bin since it was once green and now it is waste?:

It has been hard to photograph the nest. It always gets lost when I take a picture with my small camera. Nature intended it that way I suppose. I wish I had time to swing by Michaels and buy a red cardinal mushroom bird for the nest:

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