Tuesday, December 14, 2010


It was my intention to march our family out to the wilderness and cut down our own Christmas tree. There is no time for that though. So zip went the Prius to a tree lot I researched on Yelp. All of the trees were around $65-$140. That wasn't going to fly with my lackadaisical watering history. I saw a big sign towards the back of the lot stating, "Discount Trees - $21.99." That's more like it.

Blake making friends with Frosty:

I instantly fell in love with one of the two puny, sad trees in the discount area. Andrew rolled his eyes and tried to walk away, but I knew this tree was perfect. We only have a small spot for the tree and with a little TLC (minus watering) and a box to sit upon, it will be great:

Reade will never know it was a discount tree (unless he checks the archives of this blog someday):

Blake rolling with the punches:

All I have to do now is climb up a ladder to get the old bird's nest down from our outside eaves to use as the tree topper.

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