Monday, November 15, 2010

Reade (Six Months)

At 6 Months I:
* Can sit up on my own
* Only wake up once or twice a night (if I have the room to myself)
* Started putting things in my mouth
* Eat solids now
* Eat solids in large quantities (more than my brother did)
* Am becoming a bit more cautious when put in other people's arms
* Still think my brother is the big cheese
* Roll over in both directions
* Have started attempting crawling motions
* Gained enough dexterity to break some of my brother's toys
* Started spitting up again
* Love, love, love my daddy
* Enjoy baths
* Can sit in the tambark at the park and play with tractors (w/ mommy's help)
* Coo on a more advanced level with lots of raspberries thrown in
* Hate to be put down on my back so I am always put in a walker or other baby contraptions
* Take life pretty seriously and only really laugh at daddy or my brother
* Drink from a sippy cup like a champ
* Celebrated my first, real holiday and dressed up like a robot
* Make my mom melt at all times

Check out my Five Month photo.

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