Monday, December 13, 2010


This last weekend was full of partying. We started out with a surprise party on Friday night. Andrew's co-worker's wife made this beautiful cheesecake for her husband. I always love a birthday party during the holidays:

The Google party followed on Saturday night. It was at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. We dropped Blake and Reade off at a babysitter's in the city. Poor girl, she had to deal with Reade crying for four hours. He really wanted to sleep in his own bed. While she was dealing with our offspring, we drank alcohol, mingled with co-workers, and ran around looking at rain forests and getting our pictures taken. This year they added horse drawn carriage rides, but the line was too long so we went back in and hit up the dessert table (yum!). Thanks again Google for a great time:

The family met up on Sunday to experience the Dicken's Fair. Family came from near and far to watch Jessica put on a great caroling show. Those people can sing. Aunt Sandy was the Christmas angel because she held Reade for over two hours while he slept. He just couldn't take anymore partying I guess. Jessica will be at it for another weekend if anyone wants to stop by and see her:

We all got some sleep, but I am still zonked. Now for the holiday rush...


Danika said...

Love the goog pics - your hair looks fabulous!

Shannon said...

All the thanks goes to Jessica who has given me the confidence to rock a fascinator.