Monday, August 23, 2010

Wash of Emotion

I am in Sacramento so I am not sure how often I will be able to blog. My grandfather had a heart attack and is in intensive care. Most likely he will be moved to hospice in the next day or so where he can spend the remainder of his great life surrounded by family.

My mother finally got her new, Bosche dishwasher. Boy am I happy we don't have to hand wash all the dishes that are piling up! I am an appliance junkie and just finished reading the manual cover to cover (in true American fashion I only read the English part). I have always dreamed of being an appliance salesperson.

Ain't she pretty:

My mom laughed at me when I tried to memorize the "seating chart" for the silverware. Do they really expect us to memorize where each utensil should go? If I didn't have small children I would have been all over that. Just remember that everyone's serving fork has a special place in every dishwasher!:

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Unknown said...

Shannon - I am so sad to hear about your granddad. Even though we all know these times will come, when they come it is still overwhelming. My prayers and good wished goes to you and your family at this difficult time that lays before you. He is so luck to have met Blake and Reade - true jewels in his crown. Call me for anything or come by we'd love to see you.
Love Aunt Shirley