Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nautical Theme

My grandmother went on lots of cruises and I am so lucky to have inherited some of her cruise pieces. I loved that she would dance the night away with captains and always dressed to the nines for spirited occasions. She was given one of the life preservers from a cruise ship and I have never found a great spot to showcase all it stands for. The other day it popped into my head while I was staring at our blank fireplace. I didn't want it to feel kitschy and once I hung it I knew it found its place. I have no idea how long it will last in that spot, but it brings me a smile every time I look at it. It is great when inanimate objects possess such spirit:

It would be great to walk around the house wearing this:

and these shoes:

Dress (Talbots $149), Shoes (Harajuku Lovers $79.99)

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