Monday, August 30, 2010

Celebrating A Marriage With Softball

My friend Caroline, from my crochet meetup, got married in the most fantastic way. They eloped at City Hall in San Francisco then stopped by various friends and families' houses to announce their great news. Wouldn't that be fun to open the door and find a bride and groom (in a tux and white wedding dress) grinning from ear to ear?

The groom's mother threw a great wedding reception at Holbrook Palmer Park in Atherton this past weekend. The invitation stated "BBQ and Softball Game" so I dressed very casually, but the event ended up being very classy with its great food, beautiful reception area, and yummy dessert spread. This was all a surprise for Caroline and she loved the fact that everyone was so casual to take the stuffiness out of it. It worked!

After the reception, most of us headed out to the baseball diamond in the park for a game of softball. Chris is on softball leagues so the game was full of talent. Andrew hung in there and played along with the big boys.

Blake watched in awe as the game he watches so frequently on came alive:

Andrew hitting a grounder:

Blake got to run the bases with Andrew:

Chris showing his wife how great he is:

Much love to the happy couple and I can't wait to see what their future holds. Okay, truth be told, I can't wait to hold their baby when that day comes.

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