Thursday, August 12, 2010


What an action packed trip to Sacramento! We squished as many friends and family as we could into a three day period. My grandparent's neighbor told us about a Mommy & Me day at Raley Field in West Sacramento. They provided a free day (and parking) with tons of activities for the kids like: bouncy houses, jump ropes, mascots that played the drums on top of the dugout, construction cone batting practice, and snack bags for the kids. It was great and I am sad I didn't get pictures of Reade & Grammie. I forgot my camera so these are from my cell phone:

One half of the field:

Blake owning second base:

Checking out the dugout:

Blake pitched the ball to Dinger, the River Cats' mascot:

Blake had tons of fun while I ran after him apologizing to other mothers for his "boy energy" behavior.

Here is Reade enjoying the exersaucer at my parent's house. Cell phones don't do well with movement:

I hope my parents recover from our stay and want us back again. I not only litter their house with kid stuff, but the noise level increases tenfold.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon & Andrew,
I was there covering the event and might have met you? I write for and here is a link to the article I wrote. Also pictures in a slide show and bunch more on my website if you are interested in seeing them. Thanks, Jim