Sunday, August 8, 2010

Read (pronounced in the past tense)

These are the books I have read since Reade's birth.

My mother bought this book for Andrew, but I think I enjoyed it the most. It taught me that I am a complete surfer poser. The ocean is way too cold for me so I vicariously life the surfer lifestyle through my husband. I also learned I am 100% wannabe and should NOT be parking in certain parking lots in Santa Cruz (sorry locals!). Anyways, it is a fun read and worth it if you are a surfer in the area.

Jaimal Yogis

This book is about a divorcee who moves to the beach and raises her teenage daughter and chickens. Substitute in an intact marriage and two boys and the book explains the life I dream of living. She left suburbia for the coast where her experiences are a bit more raw and fulfilling. Fun and light. (what author doesn't have a website?)

This book is a great insight to the modern father. He knows where he stands in society and isn't afraid to admit it. Cracked me up in parts and explained what Andrew probably is really thinking about raising small children. Heaven help us!

Wikipedia (again, why would he not have a website?)

I bought this book for Andrew's mom because of his interview on The Colbert Report. I thought it would have good "life coach" material, but I had no idea what I was getting into. I know little about The Nation of Islam and this book opened my eyes. I tried really hard to understand the principles and see life through a different perspective. Lots of deep thought and messages for all of us.


I am taking the boys to Sacramento to hang out with the fam. I probably won't be able to blog. See you soon.

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