Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010

2010 has already started off on a great foot. First of all, nothing is better than an even year! We had a great Christmas and enjoyed all of our family gatherings. Instead of working between Christmas and New Years, Andrew decided to take the week off so we could meet up with his parents who were on an RV trip up in Calistoga. Here is a portion of our trip in photos:

Baby Jesus was born so off to wine country:

I was the designated driver (chauffeur as I like to be called) so I fired up the Eurovan and headed to the first winery:

Very sober tasters:

All of the wineries were chock full of dogs and cats so Blake was constantly amused:

Blake and I would head out into nature to explore our surroundings:

Next winery:

On our way up:

Quiet vines, but still they had such a presence:

Blake enjoying the scenery:

Knock, knock:

Ellen scored the fam some wine while they asked about reservations. Too bad most of the places were reservation only and had quite the wait list. We headed down the road in search of more laid back wineries:

I don't remember the name of this winery, but it was much more laid back:

Gulp, gulp, guzzle:

Blake holding his plastic wine glass:

This winery is one of the few that has a mobile bottling business:

With minor, slurred speech we headed off for some more:


Blake and I then headed outside (notice Andrew and family in the same spot inside):

They had tractors off in the distance so we had to go check those out:

All heck broke loose at this winery. Everyone else had a blast, but Blake pulled my hair so hard I ended up accidentally scratching him and left two, big gashes in his hand. He still has the marks and I feel terrible, but man can that kid clench his fist around a chunk of my hair. That is why there is only a picture of the sign before we went in:

I regained my cool and we oozed out of the van for one last taste:

Two left standing:

The next day Ellen stayed at the hotel while Blake napped so I could get in on the wine tasting. We visited Castello di Amorosa for some old school Italian flavor:

My knight:

Andrew and David enjoyed tasting tons of wine:

Which one next:

When we weren't wine tasting we were back at the hotel, Dr. Wilkinson's Hot Spring Resort, relaxing in the warm pools or walking around downtown Calistoga. David had to show Blake some important football moves:

Blake loved having a television and watched way too many cartoons (by the way, he would tuck himself in like this):

A video of the family in the hot pool. The pool is filled with mineral water and was so comfy to be in. I mostly stayed up on the steps or on the side of the pool:

The best part about this trip was our impromptu labyrinth walk. Andrew and I walked a labyrinth in San Francisco before Blake was born to encourage a wonderful birth. We couldn't quite figure out how to get back to the SF labyrinth so we were delighted when someone had set one up in the parking lot across from our hotel. This time we said our well wishes for a great second birth. Now I feel relaxed enough to get back to life and prepare for adding another soul into our family unit:

May everyone's 2010 be filled with wonderful, and new experiences. Now is the time to shed those old ones that are holding you back.

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