Sunday, January 10, 2010


Here is the first pair of underwear I made for Blake's potty training adventure. I made them during his nap by using this pattern ( They were super easy, but my serger gave me some issues. I broke one of the needles and metal pieces went flying at my face and then I jammed the whole machine up. Once I got it under control it was smooth sailing. There was a meltdown associated with the underwear because he wanted to wear them around all day without peeing on the potty. Note to self: don't let kid see underwear until after he has had his snack and is full and happy.


Suz and Mark said...

Blake is such a little man now! How cute, and I adore the big boy underoos. Perhaps I will grab your pattern and make Mark a pair.

Shannon said...

I asked Andrew if he wanted a matching pair and he declined, but Mark just might be game.

Evil Shenanigans said...

From the neck up, he looks a lot like your dad in this photo.