Saturday, January 23, 2010

23 Onesies

What do you do with 23, white onesies left over from baby #1? You have a dye party of course. I got together with my friend Megana so we could freshen up the look of some of our white onesies from our previous children. Some of the shirts had stains on them so I tried to tye-dye them out. Too bad my dying techniques are kind of sloppy and I end up with big color blotches. Still looks better than spit up stains!

The finished bunch:

23 onesies ready to go:

Megana's daughter George drew this picture for me. This made me very happy because I told her I want a kitty and these are the perfect kitties to take home to Andrew (who is allergic). This made my evening and they are up on my fridge as part of our family.

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