Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Projects

When Ellen and David were in town we drove to Los Gatos to visit a great sewing/beading store. I picked up this pattern because I have been searching for decent skirt patterns with an elastic waist. That way I can stretch the waistband over my pregnant belly. So out came the sewing machine for the first project of 2010:

My finished skirt:

Um, it didn't fit. The waistband under the elastic ended up being too small for my hips. I now know that I need to use a fabric with some stretch to it to fit over my "womanly" hips. Bummer. It will have to wait until baby is born before being worn.

My next project involves fabric for Blake's training underwear. I plan on sewing some today and starting potty training next week. I am hoping that two to three days of constant potty attention will head us in the right direction:

Now for the honest truth. My skirt probably didn't fit because of desserts like these. My friend Martina was in town visiting from Germany (another past Au Pair friend) and wanted to meet Blake for the first time. She graduated college and is now looking to move to California to work. So if any of you are in the market for a great, German international communications major then please let me know!!! She really wanted to go out to Applebee's for a molten lava cake dessert, but all I had to offer her was the Cheescake Factory in downtown Palo Alto. We only ate a third of our desserts, but man was it delicious:

More proof:

Well, I should probably get out of my pajamas and start my day. Blake has been requesting a train ride so we might jump on the Cal Train for a mini day trip somewhere close. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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