Friday, January 15, 2010

Keeping Clean

When you think of our family I hope you think about words like: toddler, beer brewing, Eurovans, or knitting. I am terrified that people think "dirty carpets" when they think of my home. Teenie and LuLu are not good with carpets (hence why they are never allowed upstairs). So to combat the dirty paws and occasional accidents, I bought the Bissell SpotBot pet. This thing is crazy. So far so good and I am happy to know that my stains will get dealt with right away instead of me rolling my eyes and stepping over them. My video is in no fashion as glamorous as the one you will find on the Home Shopping Network, but no one expects that right?

Go SpotBot, Go!

For those of you who want the Bissell video:


Suz and Mark said...

OMG! I bought this a month ago when our cat Kramer was pissing all over our carpets downstairs!! I call it the pissel. It's like a dishwasher for your carpet. Ha.

Skyla said...

That is is funny! Very Jetsons!