Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Spirit

Yesterday, we drove up to Oakhurst to spend the beginning of the holiday season with Andrew's side of the family. I was so excited to see snow when we came over the hill because it always starts snowing after we leave for my parent's house on Christmas day. Blake and I enjoyed sticking our bare feet in the snow (we had to really experience it). It is raining now so the snow will probably be gone by morning, but I am hoping and wishing for more.

Mia had a holiday choir concert this evening. Blake loved watching the choir sing and sat through an hour and half without a peep to watch his cousin sing. Mia impressed me with her singing and theatrics (aka fun, silly faces while singing).

Here they are before the concert began:

Using those pipes:

We left before the production was over (it was an hour after nap time) and a little boy ran up to us and handed this to me. It reads, " This is you, you are the cutest baby ever, God blesses you, Love Justin." That melted my heart!

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