Saturday, December 6, 2008

Who's The Turkey?

Well, Thanksgiving came and went and like usual, reminding me what great friends and family I have. The food was delicious and Blake entertained me the whole way through. Here is Blake a couple of days before we started our travels. He chews on the foam discs, which then become slobbery, and then stick perfectly to his head. I only have a limited time when I can torture my child without him knowing.

The Burtons:
From the left (Amy my sister, her boyfriend Chris, Grandpa, Mom, Nana, Dad, Paula, Paul, Uncle Larry, Aunt Sandra, Me, Blake, Uncle Richard, Auntie Constance, Andrew)

Blake's Thanksgiving crocheted vest and shiny new shoes:

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Caroline said...

I am in love with Blake's vest! I'm glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving!