Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time To Get Out The Kid Leash

I was so excited for Blake to start crawling so he would gain independence and explore the world. I didn't mean for him to push the limits! He crawled for about a week and then decided it was time to pull up on things. Then came the small steps sideways while holding on to dangerous things like the bathtub or the sliding glass door. Today, he tried to pull himself up on a shelf in his closet by grabbing the edges of his clothes and tugging as hard as he could. All of this is done without any balance mind you. We have had so many backwards free falls that I now can't get anything done around the house until Blake takes a nap.

I put Blake down for a nap and heard the weirdest sound. I thought for sure he was choking and I walked in to find him like this. So much for that nap.

When Andrew was in Ireland I stopped by Erin and Cliff's house in Stockton. Here is Blake hanging out with his surrogate father, Great Cousin Cliff.

Tonight, we started Blake on Kefir and he loved the stuff. He definitely didn't make this face.

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