Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back In The Quilting Saddle Again

In November, I met up with an old friend of mine so our sons could have a play date. I found out that she is an avid quilter and oogled the quilt she made for her baby. She gave me some simple tips and ideas that inspired me to attempt more basic quilts (thanks Katie!).

I attended Skyla's baby shower today and presented her with this quilt. I hope her baby enjoys the funky birds. Of course, the quilt didn't turn out the way I really envisioned it (, but I reminded myself that I am a novice quilter and need to keep it simple.

My attempt at embroidery:

Up close bird:

The back of the quilt:

It is nice to be crafting again. Andrew has been a great sport because I decided to turn our breakfast nook into a sewing/crafting corner. Now onto my new found LOVE, knitting. Ew, I am addicted now. I love, love, love knitting and wish I had all the free time in the world.


Caroline said...

I love how you foster crafty Shannon whenever you get the chance! The quilt is adorable (love the birds!) and I'm so happy you love knitting!

Anonymous said...

I think your version is so sweet. I love the light blue and pink together with the brown. It makes me so happy that the quilt that I made for my sister's baby inspired you! Thanks for linking. And happy quilting....