Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Happs

2008 has passed us by and Blake celebrated his first holiday season. Wow, what a fun time we had. It was great to watch Blake enter into the Finnish Christmas Eve dinner with everyone.

Here are some pictures from our trip starting at the Hurst's:

We forgot bibs so we cut up one of Andrew's old t-shirts that said "Dog Boy" and it fared quite well.

Snow on Blake's head.

Mia painted the wrapping paper for Jim's gift.

Now onto the Burton household in Sacramento:

Blake wanting to hang out with Great Grandpa.

Amy and Chris opening their goodies.

Nana, Dad, and Mom doing the same.

My father's birthday is the day after Christmas so immediately the carols stop so we can sing Happy Birthday. This year was special because we also got to celebrate his retirement. Good job Dad!

Blake helping him blow out the candles.

Blake and LuLu watching the squirrels in their Christmas jammies.

Teenie hibernated in the couch while we were there.

Grammie and Grandpa with Blake on his new fire truck.

What a great 2008 and we hope your 2009 brings lots of joy and surprise.

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Anonymous said...

What were the squirrels doing in Christmas Pajamas?