Monday, June 9, 2014


 I almost just purchased a case of 24 diet shakes off of this morning.  I knew that Andrew would kill me if he saw 24 of those things sitting in the pantry.  He always prefers real food over substitutes so it was his voice that helped me delete them from my cart.

Then I realized I had bought this:

It is the Oster My Blend blender.  I got $12 cash back from my Fred Meyer grocery card savings and used it toward this $19.99 appliance.  There in the bottom of my pantry was the unopened, $8 smoothie maker sitting there ready for action.

This thing is awesome.  I love it way more than using my big blender.  Then I found this recipe.  What a good idea to freeze green tea.  I think I will definitely drape a towel over my shoulder every morning when I make this just for an added effect.  You have got to burn at least 2 calories throwing a towel around your neck (right?):

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