Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy 2

Piper is Two today!
We threw a video chat birthday party with family at 7:45am this morning.
A morning started with cake and lemonade is always a thrill.

Proof that she is two:

Piper, I love your two-ness.  Here are the things I adore about you right now:
* You are so strong.  Your upper arm strength is amazing.
* You refuse to wear pants and insist on skirts or dresses (I had heard parents saying that, but I didn't really think it happens)
* You love dollies and everything pink.  You watch tons of Batman with your brothers and hear boy stories all day so this too surprises me.
* I love the way you talk and what you say
* You have your dad's wit
* Your skin is so peachy and all I do is pinch your squishy
* You count all the time
* You are loud and screech like a girl
* Are obsessed with doggies

Happy Birthday to my little girl of sweetness.

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