Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hop on Pop

Happy Father's Day

I was super excited to call my father this morning to tell him that I got tickets for him to be at next year's U.S. Open since it will be held on a golf course near Seattle.  The tickets are for the last Sunday and it happens to fall on Father's Day 2015.  Win Win!  My dad deserves so much for remaining calm and having so much patience with me and my new loud crew.  I love him.

And then there is my husband...
Father to three kids who adore him and hang on his every word.  I am so lucky to have chosen a man to head up my brood who: makes everyone smile and laugh with his wit, would rather spend time with family than alone, knows the answers to 92% of everything, is coordinated enough to play the majority of sports in the world, puts up with the woman of the house's whims, and is excited about all of the potential having to do with children's ages and stages.

They have an idea, but they have no idea how lucky they are to have such a wonderful father.
Happy Father's Day Andrew.
We love you.
::sorry Piper and I spilled beer all over you at your Father's Day dinner::

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