Sunday, January 5, 2014

Year Ended

 The end of 2013 was full of heartwarming memories:

1st, there was the wedding of one of my best friends.  It was awesome.  They got married at City Hall in San Francisco on Dec. 23rd.  Congrats friends.

2nd, there was Christmas Eve at Aunt Shirley's in Stockton.  We do a Christmas Pageant remembering why Christmas is so special.

3rd, there was Christmas Day with my family.  Lots of laughs, excitement, and fun.  

4th, the kids ran wild with the neighborhood boys on my parent's street.  They are so lucky to have all these kids to play with when we are in town because I had no one when I was young.  Time was spent climbing trees or playing tackle.  It was like watching puppies.

5th, it was great seeing old friends again.  We stopped by our friend's house to see their new digs and have dinner.  There were six adults and eight kids so you can only imagine the fun.  

6th, we headed back to Andrew's parent's house for a Christmas after Christmas.  We celebrated New Year's Eve and tons of family came over on New Year's Day.  

That was two weeks of solid, social gathering.  The food and alcohol was top notch and tomorrow will be a shock to my system.

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