Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Finger Tapping

Here are some finger tapping things I am thinking about:

Lucite/acrylic Coffee Tables
Pros: Adorable design addition to house.
Con: Can only hold 34lbs.  Even Piper could bust this thing in two.  I also envision tons of etching done by my children in a non-artistic way.  It costs $150.
Find the table at this blog.

 Calf Print Thow.
Pros: $30
Cons: Can look a bit kitschy.


Outdoor Patio Table.
Pro: Made out of resin (sometimes composite) that can withstand our elements.
Cons: This one costs $1600.  Definitely on the hunt for a budget friendly alternative.
Viesso Table

P.S. Super buy of the year!  I have been on the hunt for more of our wedding silverware.  Online they fetch for $6 per piece.  Ouch!  eBay offered me nothing either.  So, I decided to give up and check craigslist for another set of cheap silverware.  They had a bunch of silverware in a bag for $30.  It was my matching set.  That was the only posting for everyday use and not someone's family silver they were trying to sell for $200.  More than 6 people can come over for dinner now!

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