Friday, January 24, 2014

Days Fly By

 This blog got neglected this week.  I somehow got sucked hard core into mom land.  I took Blake to his first soccer lesson only to find out that A) the company didn't show up so all the classes got cancelled and B) I got a parking ticket for parking forward in a back-in parking spot.  Lessons we learn as we go along.  So I have nothing to offer this blog except a window into what my brain is obsessing over.  Selfish and non-interesting.

 I tried out Homejoy for house cleaning today.  The cleaners were nice, but forgot to clean my showers and kitchen sink.  The company (read here) is a startup in SF with a great online interface/customer service department.  They are sending out another cleaner on Monday for a free "fix it" cleaning.  Hopefully this works out because I love being able to sign up for housecleaning online without having scheduling conflicts.  It is also a great deal at $20/hr.

The city is full of fans doing fan-like things.  I am flying two flags off my minivan right now.  Not as big as this guy's of course.  The mommies on the playground just informed me that their blue and green Christmas lights just came in the mail so they can shine their colors.  I didn't even think of that one yet!

My brain is also in schooling overdrive.  Blake's schooling is still up in the air and I toured a local Montessori and have falling in love with their Primary-Elementary program for Reade.  Hmmm...lots of back in forth in my mind.  It will all get ironed out by March though.  Andrew and I had discussed the idea of overthinking our children's education, but watching great programs in action can be tough when you know such good things are out there.

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RETA said...

You are one busy person! Thanks for posting! You have a sweet family. I hope the cleaning service works out well for you.