Friday, January 10, 2014

Battle Wounds

A typical day = Screams and then a following statement close to this, "Moooooooom!  Piper just bit me.  She really hurt me."

I follow with a statement like this, "Well, I heard her scream before she bit you.  You obviously were making her mad.  Protect yourself and avoid her.  Don't make her mad."

I got bit by the Piper Monster.

We were snuggling and she bit through my shirt.  Ouch it hurt.  These are the days that I am glad my kid is home with me instead of in a daycare setting.  Folks, we have a mini monster on our hands and it is only I to blame.  She primarily plays with her brothers which results in her bossing them around and getting her way by screaming and biting.  

It is time for Piper to get some friends her own age.

That means I need to start taking her to those open gym times at the community center.  It is time for Baby Boot Camp.  I see it now:  Piper in a red cape roaring in like a bull through the gym double doors.  I will run around like a bullfighter and tame her into good behavior (without harming her of course).  I want to encourage an assertive daughter, not a bossy one.

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