Sunday, October 6, 2013

So Much...

Wow oh wow.  I have tons to share.  Let me begin...

I made Ellen drive a half hour north so we could explore the Bothell Country Village Shops.  It started out with a few odd experiences, but things smoothed out and we had a great time (I took Blake and Reade on a great little train ride while Piper and Ellen shopped).  We then hit up the Yakima Fruit Market and found some great produce at great prices.

Bothell Country Village:

While out and about, Andrew and his father went to Best Buy and bought us a TV for the playroom.  The TV ended up being a hair bigger than I expected  (it is the size of a dining room table for heaven's sake)!  My only request was for Andrew to bring home a Roku 3.  It streams all of our internet stuff like Hulu Plus and Netflix while adding 1,000 extra channels.  I think I have lost my kids into the abyss of TV land!

Then, like I always do to out-of-town guests, I made them hit up the Unicorn/Narwhal in Capitol Hill for an early birthday bash.  I took them to the Mimosas With Mama drag queen brunch.  It was overwhelming and over stimulating, but tons of fun no doubt!

They chose a "bear" out of the audience for a number.

Right now their last number is Dreamgirls.

Ellen got to wear the special birthday girl hat.

What a good weekend.  Andrew is off to work, school happens, and the real birthday celebrating begins.  

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