Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fog Farm

The mornings here have been super foggy.  I guess I should say days because our neighborhood is socked in until about 4pm and then the fog returns around 6pm.  The fog horns are audible and I do miss my view of the Sound.  Yesterday morning was a great one because Piper asked to go outside early in the morning.  I put our jackets on and decided to let out the chickens for some breakfast bug buffet.  We had just made pumpkin bread together so it was a bit Norman Rockwell to come in from the cold smelling pumpkin heaven inside.

Meet Piper's new disgusting baby.  She grabbed it off the shelf at the thrift store
and I couldn't say no.  That baby has seen better days
and was pretty gunky under her pink outfit.  Let's just say the thing
got sprayed from head to toe with bleach.

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megizzle said...

I love Piper's coop-side cottage!