Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Wrapped Up

One Red Power Ranger
and One Blue Power Ranger
and One Octopus

Went Trick-or-Treating...

Back to our house to survey our loot:

A low-key Halloween.  Just what I wanted.  Early Trick-or-Treating in our neighborhood, drove up the hill to a busier neighborhood, then home early, candy bellies, one post-sucker bath, and two in bed with plans of a bath in the AM.

Happy Halloween!

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Unknown said...

Hi Everyone! David & Mary....Not a single Trick or Treater on Byron Street since you guys left!
We are well. We replaced the fence and had to sue the landlords next door to pay half, it looks great and we won! Seems a Google maps satellite shot and hand drawn map to prove we encroached wasn't too compelling evidence, I asked the
judge if I could label our yard on her map with a stick figure dog(kidding). The Landlords name is IO, they own Fuki Sushi on El Camino and impressed the Zuckerbergs enough to cater their wedding and open a shop on FB campus; didn't help them in court. I'll send some pictures of the beautiful new fence; the dogs now have a huge yard.