Sunday, October 20, 2013

1st Night

First night of camping down.  While driving up we encountered a huge deer in the middle of the road causing us to screech to a halt and yell expletives.  Andrew honked while slamming on the brakes which scared the thing half to death so it slipped in the road before scrambling off onto the shoulder.  The RV park owner told us it could have been an elk.  It did have a fuzzier rump.


Then I hung my head when we got to the campsite because I realized that all of the boys' clothing was sitting in piles on their beds back at home.  How did I forget to pack that?  All Blake and Reade have are the Jammie's on their backs.  No underwear.  At least I put socks on them for the drive.  They don't care at this point so I am trying to laugh this one off (while feeling terribly guilty).  I did grab all the coats and shoes.  I grabbed all of Piper's clothes.  Reade fits into Piper's pants, but he saw the pink bow and said the equivalent of his "hell no."

We are having fun though.  We are near the entrance to Mt. Rainier.  Wish the kids were older so they could do a day hike.  It will be a long, hopefully relaxing, campfire tonight.

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