Thursday, August 23, 2012


I had to squeeze one more beach trip in before school starts for Blake. The rest of the family went on a beach RV trip after Piper's birth so I felt now was the time to introduce her to the beach.  Google Maps is so great because I could satellite view all the beaches to find the one with the most up-front parking. Not only does Twin Lakes State Beach in Santa Cruz have beach front parking, it has two restaurants and a coffee shop. It isn't the most scenic, but it has the amenities.

Wake up, we are at the beach.

Eating pre-beach cookies at The Kind Grind.

"Blake, sit and hold your sister.  Mommy has to potty too," said me.

The water was warmer than I expected.

Waiting to surf.

Reade is scared of the sound the waves make.  He stays in the sand.

Piper in her baby beach tent.

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