Thursday, May 3, 2012


Spring has brought up some interesting plants in our garden.  Our whole side yard was full of these weird, tree-like stalks.  The other day one of them opened to this.  I stopped walking, stared down, and texted Andrew and his mother right away.  What was this phallic thing growing in my yard?  After some quick research I found out this is:
A) A Voodoo Lily.
B) They are pollinated by flies.
C) The plants give off an odor like rotting meat to attract said flies.
D) Once the flower has been pollinated, it wilts and gets ready for seed production.

Do you wish you had these in your garden?
Info on Voodoo Lily found here.

I am throwing in a picture of my son (at a non-stinky time) right before his second swim lesson.  I am not quite sold on the new style of goggles for kids.  Blake loves them.


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