Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I am not a product junkie.  I usually buy what is on sale or what looks good in that moment.  Here are a few things I just can't seem to live without these days.

1) Coconut Milk Shampoo from Organix.  I can't believe I have found something that can get past my pregnancy-induced, superhuman sense of smell.  Instead of wincing, I take deeps breaths when I am in the shower.  Yum and it doesn't break the bank:

2)Only weeks ago, I wore a scarf and jacket while on a neighborhood walk.  You should have seen the look of surprise when a mosquito buzzed up and bit me on the face.  We hadn't had any warms days so that only meant that mosquito season would be extra horrible this year.  So far, so horrible.  Everyone has lumps and bumps all over their exposed skin.  Ellen gave this to me and so far it is the only thing that cuts the itch and helps the kids stop scratching.  I am not a fan of homeopathic remedies (um, what was I thinking when I got pink eye from the kids I was nannying for?), but this stuff seems to do the trick for now.  SssstingStop:

3)I have a crush on this Spoiled Mama Tummy Butter.   I picked up a jar in a chic mommy boutique only to be blown away by the $70 price tag for the large jar that is the size of a $5 Vaseline tub.  Anyways, the woman sent me home with a sample.  Damn her!  Now I am hooked on the stuff and even went back to blow my money on the smaller, $31 jar.  I know it won't help my skin look any better, but it makes a difference in how it feels today. 

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